Scalp Micropigmentation

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Boost Your Confidence

See if scalp micropigmentation is right for you

Have your noticed that your hair is thinning in spots that might be noticeable? Losing hair can make you feel self-conscious and less confident. Reclaim your confidence with scalp micropigmentation services from Complexions Beauty Lab. We provide expert scalp micropigmentation services to men and women in Davenport, IA.

Discover what scalp micropigmentation can do for you

If you have a thinning hair line or bald spots, our services will create the appearance of hair follicles, making it look like you have a buzz cut. Here are a few things you should know about our scalp micropigmentation services:

  • It takes about three sessions to complete
  • It can last from five to seven years
  • It's a great solution for both women and men dealing with hair loss

We can even disguise scars or birthmarks on your scalp. Want to know more about our scalp micropigmentation services or schedule a consultation with our specialist? Contact us today to get started.