If you're looking for a Paramedical Micro-pigmentation artist in the QC for Brows I highly would recommend Jade!!! She makes the whole experience so easy going, listens to your needs and her brows are simply art. Very clean, professional, talented. I am so happy with mine! Looks so natural and fuller!

Holly G

Had my eyebrows done today. Jade was amazing! Relaxing, clean environment. So thankful for her talent. I HAVE EYEBROWS AGAIN! So pleased, so excited!

Shari L

You literally changed my whole face! I didn't have even eyebrows since I was 3 years old cause of my scar. I still have LINES. HAIR STROKES! Nothing bled. I've never seen anyone else do that they always bleed together to a powder shading. Mine are micro BLADED to the T! Thank you!! Your amazing!!!!

Bethany G

Jade is amazing! She did the scalp micropigmentation tattooing for me. My hair has been thinning as I've been getting older. This procedure has made my hair look fuller & no more bare spots on my scalp or in my part. I think it's even helping to make my color last longer. I didn't even realize how thin my hair was getting. Now I feel more confident.! The procedure took 3-4 visits & Jade was so patient & professional! I couldn't be happier!

Mary Ann B

Jade is amazing! As a woman with fine / thinning hair from medical issues this truly is amazing & helps with confidence. She's amazing and truly wants the best for everyone of her clients. I feel so blessed to have had this experience & can't express how thankful I am to her for all she did for me. I'd give her 10 stars if I was able! Thank you Jade ! Please reach out to her as she is wonderful!

Allison R

Jade is amazing! Her services give me more confidence. With two sessions of the paramedical micro pigmentation tattooing, my scars are less noticeable. I'm also obsessed with the eyelash lift and tint. Highly recommend!

Samantha W

Jade is the BEST in the business. I have moved out of state since I first started seeing her, but being that she's the only one who I trust with my skin now, I will drive the 750+ miles to continue seeing her. I have always struggled with a dog bite scar on my face, but jade has helped me so much as my scar is almost completely not visible after only two sessions with her. I Super professional, cozy spot and jade is very welcoming. Don't walk, but run to book with her.

Brenna M

Jade Engler is an amazing esthetician! She is the owner of Complexions Beauty Lab in Davenport, Iowa. She offers so many wonderful services. I had a facial with her today and it was heavenly. We travel quite a bit and wherever we go I always visit their spa for facials and other services. Jade has them all beat, hands down. I did not want it to end! My skin feels and looks absolutely wonderful. I'm looking so forward to my next facial and eyebrow tinting. Thank you so much Jade! Treat yourself to an appointment with this woman. You won't regret it!

Vicki G

Jade was extremely knowledgeable and friendly! The heated table helped the waxing not hurt so bad:) So pleased with my eyebrow tint! 10/10 would recommend!

Brittany H